RI parking Lot & Parking Garage Accident Pedestrian & Car Accident Injury


Parking lots, parking decks and parking garages in Rhode Island are often locations with more accidents than those happening on the streets, roads and highways. This is because drivers are often distracted searching for parking spaces or have their minds focused on getting into the store to shop. Other times, drivers attempt to back into a parking space and lose focus of other vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists around them.

Fortunately, many parking lot accidents in RI occur at very low speed where the injuries involved are not always catastrophic or fatal. The damages that occur in parking lot accidents can be substantial especially if the vehicle hits a pedestrian. In some situations in Rhode Island, the pedestrian is pinned between two vehicles, which often leave their legs crushed or broken.

What to Do

If you are the victim of a parking lot accident in Providence or in RI , you will need to take specific steps to repair your damaged property and/or recover from your injuries. Understanding what to do can help protect your rights. The basic steps you should take include:

• Make sure all parties in the accident move to a safe location away from other traffic in the lot
• If the vehicle is unable to move, turn on the emergency flashers before exiting the car
• Call for medical assistance immediately if any party is injured or killed
• Call law enforcement and ask for assistance
• Take photographs of the accident and surrounding area using the camera on a cellular device
• Exchange contact information including names, phone numbers, addresses and insurance carrier information with all parties involved
• Collect contact information of all eyewitnesses
• Make detailed notes of any facts involved in the accident including the date, time, location and conditions of weather and the parking lot surfaces
• Contact your insurance company to report the accident
• Contact a personal injury attorney who specializes in parking lot accidents if you have any damages or injuries

Calling the  Local Police

Calling law enforcement, even if there are no extensive damages or injuries, is likely a good idea. In many incidences, the police will make a detailed report outlining evidence of the accident as a way to establish facts involved in the case. In addition, the officer can assist the accident scene by handling any traffic flow issues. Usually, the officer at the scene can make a determination if the driver was acting recklessly or operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Calling the Insurance Company

It is wise to report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. Because you are a policyholder, your insurance carrier will likely investigate the extent of damage to your vehicle and any other car or truck involved in the accident. Usually, the extent and type of damage tells its own story, outlining how the accident happened to help determine fault. Even if the damage to the vehicle appears minimal, there may be additional problems arising from future use of the car.

Calling a  RI personal  injury Attorney

Filing a claim for financial compensation in a parking lot accident can be complex. In many incidences, it might be difficult to determine which party is at fault. Often times, the law enforcement officer will not issue a ticket to one party or the other, leaving responsibility of the Rhode Island accident undecided. Without a citation, participants often have heated disagreements when assigning responsibility for the accident. In many incidences, it takes legal representation and a reconstruction of the accident to determine which party is to blame.

If you, or loved one, have been involved in a parking lot accident and suffer injuries or damage it is essential to contact an experienced  Rhode Island personal injury attorney. The RI law firm can determine who is at fault, and hold all responsible parties accountable for their negligence.


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