I Was Hit by a Ball at a Sporting Event: Who Is Legally Responsible


Sports are hugely popular in the U.S. by participators in the sporting activity and spectators watching from the sidelines. Attending a sporting event brings with it the expectation of excitement occurring in a safe environment. Unfortunately, thousands of individuals suffer serious injuries every year at sporting venues from errant balls, flying bats and other objects. Because of that, victims will often file a claim for compensation through experienced Rhode Island  premises liability attorneys.

Every year, hundreds of individuals attending sporting events nationwide suffer serious injuries in freak accidents when struck by balls, hockey pucks and other flying objects. Baseball parks, golf courses, hockey stadiums and other sports venues attempt to protect themselves from the potential risks of visitors being injured by claiming limited liability posted in the fine print on their tickets and receipts. But are they legally responsible if you were injured while on their property?

Assumption of Risk

In legalese, the Assumption of Risk is a legal theory designed to protect sporting organizations. The theory refers to individuals who willingly participating in any inherently dangerous activity assume the potential risks of being injured. This theory can be used by owners of golf courses, hockey stadiums in baseball parks to defend themselves against a personal injury lawsuit if a fan is hit by a foul ball, hockey puck or errant golf ball.

While a defense based on Assumption of Risk provides property owners protection, it does not protect them completely. If an injury happens outside of normal play of the sport, property owners might be legally accountable. In addition, fighting amongst fans in the stands are not unusual, especially at venues serving alcohol. This unacceptable activity places participants and spectators at great peril outside of the normal environment of watching or playing the sport.

Proving Negligence In Rhode Island and Massachusetts

To be successful in resolving a claim for compensation against property owners based on premises liability theory, the victim must prove how the other party was negligent. However, these types of cases can be extremely complex to litigate and are often handled by experienced premises liability attorneys.

A season  RI personal injury lawyer can thoroughly evaluate and assess the uniqueness of the accident to determine whether negligence by another party directly resulted in the injury. As an example, golfers making shots without providing spectators proper warning may be legally liable if a fan is hit by the errant golf ball. Additionally, if the golf course fails to enforce its safety rules designed to protect spectators from players’ behaviors, and an unannounced golf ball strikes a fan, the organization might be legally responsible for the injury.

Hiring a Rhode Island personal injury lawyer

While it is your responsibility to pay attention at sporting venues to dodge flying balls and protect yourself from slipping, tripping and fights, accidents do happen. However, it is best to avoid assuming you do not have a legal right to recover financial compensation if you have suffered injuries while participating or watching a sporting event from the sidelines. A skilled  Providence personal injury attorney who specializes in premises liability cases can evaluate the specific circumstances of your accident to determine if recompense as possible.

These types of cases are usually accepted on contingency. This means you do not pay the  Cranston or Pawtucket attorney any upfront fees for their legal representation. The RI law firm will be compensated for their services after they negotiate your out-of-court settlement or win your case in a lawsuit trial.

A skilled  Rhode Island personal injury attorney  or RI premises liability lawyers will ensure you receive adequate recompense to pay for your ongoing medical expenses, wages lost from time away from work, suffering, pain and emotional distress. However, time is of the essence because all claims and lawsuits for compensation must be filed before the state’s statute of limitations expires.



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