What to Know about Roof Collapse Caused by Heavy Snow in RI


Watching the snow fall on a winter’s day can be a magical experience. However, if too much snow accumulates on your home’s roof, it could put significant weight on an important structure. Depending on how much snow is on the roof and how long it is there, it could cause a roof collapse. What should you do if this ever happens?

Call 911 if Anyone Is Hurt

If you or anyone else inside the house at the time of the collapse is hurt, you should call for emergency services immediately. In addition to getting help for injured victims, it may be possible for a dispatcher to contact water and gas service providers to shut off services before any further damage is allowed to occur.

Call a Contractor and Your Insurance Company

You will want a temporary covering put on your house as soon as possible. This is because the home could suffer from wind and water damage while it is left exposed to the elements. Furthermore, you don’t want the house to be too cold to live in if you are able to stay there after the collapse. A contractor can work on putting up a temporary structure and may also be able to work with your insurance company to cover the damage.

Call a RI personal injury Attorney

If you don’t own the home that you were injured in, it may be a good idea to call an attorney about a possible personal injury case. An attorney may be able to review the facts in the case and determine whether or not any other parties are liable for your pain or suffering.

Who May Be at Fault?

If you rent a home, you may be entitled to compensation from your landlord for failure to provide safe living conditions. If the roof was not installed properly or was put together with faulty materials, the manufacturer of those materials or the contractor who installed them may be liable. For guests at a home who are injured because of a collapsed roof, the homeowner may be liable for injuries and other damages.

A collapsed roof can cause significant damage to property as well as injury to those inside when the collapse occurs. Therefore, it is important to be aware of imminent signs of collapse such as creaking or cracks in the walls. However, if you are injured in such an incident, contacting a Rhode Island personal injury attorney may help you receive compensation for your medical bills and other costs related to your injuries.


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